Full Guideline of DNN Software to WordPress Migration

DNN Software is an extremely powerful software package that is targeted primarily at intranet and extranet deployments with the open source portals. To reflect this - such major companies and organizations like NASA, USAA, Bose, NASCAR, Cornell University, Dannon, Kia, Hilton, Whirlpool, Chrysler, Motorola are settled on the platform. Being packed with a set of useful tools, DNN Software enables to build dynamic websites and make that sites run successfully. The key benefits of using DotNetNuke are mentioned below:

Overall, DotNetNuke is an ideal destination for highly complicated and robust websites typically needed by businesses. In other words, it is a serious framework for serious business.
Wish professionally-looking and easy-to-use alternative? Give WordPress a go. Powering millions of website all over the globe, the platform is a force to be reckoned with. The platform has been specifically developed with the end users in mind that make the software one-size-fits-all solution. Let’s dive in deeply in the core advantages of WordPress that make millions of people gravitate towards the platform:

In a nutshell, WordPress has proven itself as a universal CMS solution that makes it possible to create any type of website with any complexity and with no long training required.

Feeling inspired with WordPress possibilities? Looking for an affordable tool to make the conversion across the platforms fast and accurate? CMS2CMS automated migration service can more than help to perform all your data migration from DNN Software to WordPress accurately and stress-free. By following the next steps one-by-one you will be able to move to WordPress with no special skills and technical experience.
To initiate the migration process -  download CMS2CMS DNN Software to WordPress Migration Plugin on the official website.

Register your CMS2CMS Account by specifying your personal information (email and password).

In order to Connect DNN Software - just spesify its URL address.

Select Migration Preferences which you’d like to be imported during the switch. When ready - try free Demo Migration to see the service in progress.

Perform Full Migration in case you’re totally satisfied with the Demo output. After the final click, your DNN Software website content will be converted to WordPress.

What else are you thinking of? Start the migration process right now and in several minutes your content management is going to become easier.


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